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Kim Delorit Jensen

for Assembly District #1

Common Sense Politics

Kim Jensen for Assembly District 1

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Kim Delorit Jensen

for Assembly District #1
Common Sense Politics

Kim sitting in one of her Door County restaurants, Village Cafe



Hello— I’m Kim Delorit Jensen.

I grew up — and have lived all of my life — in Northeast Wisconsin. My family came to this area four generations ago with a dream and a willingness to work hard and be successful. Lately, as I try to continue their heritage through my own work as a small business owner, I’m watching their dreams — and mine — come under attack by a Wisconsin legislature dominated by big donors and corporate interests.

I’m a lifelong Democrat who thinks that working people, farmers, and small business owners should have a seat at the table when there are decisions made that impact them and their families. I believe that retired people deserve the benefits they’ve worked so hard to achieve and that our children and our children’s children deserve to share the same dreams that shaped our way of life in our beautiful Wisconsin — particularly in the 1st Assembly District.

I’ve decided to put my action where my values are and compete for your vote to represent you and all the people of District #1 — but I can’t run this race without your support. Won’t you please join me on this journey to protect all of our dreams and all of our values?

I look forward to earning your vote and learning more about what’s important to you. I hope we can meet up along the campaign trail this summer and fall, but until then feel free to connect with me through any of the outlets below.

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